What is Consignment?

The main difference between a consignment store and your local thrift store is that our inventory is not donated to us. Instead, it is consigned. By this we mean that every item in our store belongs to someone else. We have a contract that states that to the best of our ability we are going to price, display and sell your gently used items. As a consignment store, we strive to create that โ€œreal storeโ€ feel: cleanliness, organization, color coordination, and selection.

We never know whatโ€™s coming in, so our inventory is always changing!

Up to what sizes do we accept?

We accept sizes newborn all the way up to 16. We are also one of the only consignment stores in the Tampa Bay area to carry maternity!

What do you need? What sells the fastest?

We are always in need of strollers, highchairs, pack n' plays, walkers, and exersaucers.
Toys are a good seller!

When do you take certain seasons?

Our seasonal calendar is as follows:

February 1st to September 30th

October 1st to January 31st

Valentine's Day
- January 1st to February 13th
St. Patrick's Day- February 1st to March 16th
Easter- March 1st to the day before Easter
Independence Day- May 1st to July 3rd
Halloween- September 1st to October 30th
Thanksgiving- October 1st to the day before Thanksgiving
Christmas- November 1st to December 24th