Meet the Owner!

Hello, my name is Katja! 

 I began working at a local consignment store as a teen mother with a 2-year-old and a full semester's worth of classes at HCC. Having a baby at 16 was not easy and so I quickly realized how important this store was to parents. 

  Having access to a kid's consignment boutique. I found comfort in knowing  I could let go of the baby items my toddler no longer needed and at the same time earn money towards the next necessity.

When I opened Little Discoveries in July of 2022 I wanted this to be a place for families to go to and not feel a financial burden. Being a teen parent I definitely struggled and I am grateful to have had a consignment store for me and my son when we needed it the most. Knowing that I have helped at least one parent in need would bring me great happiness. Being a parent can get overwhelming so I am here to provide a stress-free reselling experience while also striving to provide the best deal!